Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is a medieval stone tower located in the Galata district of Istanbul. It was built in 1348 as part of the fortifications of the Genoese colony in Constantinople. The tower stands at a height of 63 meters and offers stunning views of the city.

The tower has been used for various purposes throughout history, including as a watchtower, a prison, and a fire lookout. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction and features a restaurant and observation deck on its top floor.

Galata Tower has been a major tourist attraction in Istanbul and in recent years, the tower has undergone renovations and restoration work. In 2020, the tower was closed for restoration work and reopened in October 2020.It is an important cultural and historical landmark in Istanbul and is widely recognized as a symbol of the city. It is visited by millions of tourists every year.

Galata Tower Location