How to Match HES Code with Istanbul Card (İstanbulkart) 2022

UPDATE MARCH 2022: Linking of HES Code with Istanbul Card is no longer required when using public transportation.

Following the mandatory use of HES code, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took the necessary steps for the new period of linking HES codes with Istanbulkart. After January 15th, Istanbulkarts without a linked HES code cannot be used on public transportation. Card users can enter their personal information together with their HES Code at the website provided at this post. Linking the HES code to the card can be done easily by entering the required fields on the website.

First, click here to visit Istanbul Card (İstanbulkart) official website:

Please click the photo for higher resolution

1- Select EN for English language,

2- Tick the box ‘I am a foreigner, I want to continue by my passport number’,

Fill all the required information;

Passport number,
Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
-Mail adress is not necessary-

3- Enter Istanbul Card number (16 digits written on your Istanbul Card),

-Telephone Number is not necessary-

4- Enter HES Code (Please click here for more information about HES Code),

5- Tick all boxes below, then click ‘DONE‘ and your Istanbul Card will be matched with your HES Code and now it is ready to use.